250 L Liquid Cylinder

250 L Liquid Cylinder

VSPV Cryo Cylinder 250 L/24 bar is a low-weight transportable cryogenic liquid cylinder designed for LIN, LOX, LAR, LCO2, LN2O and LNG and suitable for both liquid and gas use.

VSPV Cryo Cylinder is well suited for hospitals, fabricators, and small or big enterprises, and one liquid cylinder can replace handling of many conventional gas cylinders (typically 7 m3 @150 bar). 

1 Unit of VSPV Cryo Cylinder 250 L/24 bar = 30 conventional Nitrogen/Argon/Oxygen Gas Cylinders

VSPV Cryo Cylinder can be easily and safely transported in small pick-up vans/vehicles for refilling at a nearest cryogenic liquid filling point. Equipped with in-built pressure building unit (PBU) and vaporizer to ensure pressure is maintained always without operator intervention.

VSPV Cryo Cylinder 250 L/24 bar are multi-layered super insulated, with very high vacuum in annular space, having stainless steel (SS) outer jacket, provides least product evaporation loss, least operational costs, and many years of maintenance free operation.

VSPV provides all supports for approvals & filling license from the Govt. of India statutory agency PESO

Main Features: 

  • Robust Design: Manufactured with corrosion resistant stainless-steel (SS) plate for both inner and outer tank, stainless steel (SS) seamless pipe, high quality valves, gauges, and instruments.
  • SS Seamless Pipes and Tubes: VSPV uses only corrosion resistant stainless-steel pipes and tubes for inner tank piping and external piping to have a long corrosion free, and maintenance free life.
  • Oxygen Compatible Cleaning: All parts are cleaned through a series of processes like pickling, passivation and degreasing followed by stringent quality checks with a ultraviolet (UV) lamp, which ensures superior clean environment for Oxygen storage.
  • Testing: Tanks undergo through a series of Non-Destructive Examinations (NDE) including helium leak test to ensure robustness, long vacuum retention, leak proof and maintenance free life.
  • Vacuum Guarantee: Stringent helium leak test, followed by Vacuuming with latest good quality vacuum pumps provides a long vacuum retention period.
  • Safe & Ease of Use: Placed inside a movable trolley with wheels to prevent any accidental damage to the tank during transportation. It is designed for ease of operation of valves at man-height
  • Aesthetics: SS Tank is polished, pasted with safety instructions sticker for a better aesthetics.