LNG Tank & projects

LNG Tank & projects

V.S. Pressure Vessel and Gas Projects Pvt. Ltd. (VSPV) designs & manufactures superior quality Cryogenic liquid storage tanks for Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG). Tanks are vacuum insulated with the option of either Perlite or Multi-Layer super Insulation. 

VSPV LNG cryogenic tanks are designed to offer our customers the ease of operation, low evaporation loss, leading to low operation cost. With a robust design using the austenitic stainless-steel plates, seamless stainless-steel pipes, world renowned imported quality valves, gauges & instruments. Tank size ranges from 24,000 litres to 114,000 litres, with maximum allowable working pressure (MAWP) of 12 bar. Tanks are designed according to EN-code but can be designed as per ASME or other codes as per the customer’s requirement.

VSPV provides an end-to-end solution from design & manufacturing of tanks, civil work at site, erection & commissioning, to supporting for approvals & licensing from the Govt. of India statutory agency PESO

Main Features: 

  • Robust Design: Manufactured with corrosion resistant stainless-steel (SS) plate, stainless steel (SS) seamless pipe, high quality valves, gauges, and instruments.
  • SS Seamless Pipes and Tubes: VSPV uses only corrosion resistant stainless-steel pipes and tubes for inner tank piping and external piping to have a better aesthetics, long corrosion free, leak free and maintenance free life.
  • Oxygen Compatible Cleaning: Stainless steel inner tank, internal pipes, external pipes, and fittings are cleaned through a series of processes like pickling, passivation and degreasing followed by stringent quality checks with an ultraviolet (UV) lamp, which ensures superior clean environment for Oxygen storage.
  • Testing: Tanks undergo through a series of Non-Destructive Examinations (NDE) including helium leak test to ensure robustness, long vacuum retention, leak proof and maintenance free life.
  • Vacuum Guarantee: Stringent helium leak test, followed by Vacuuming with latest good quality vacuum pumps provides a long vacuum retention period.
  • Quality Components: VSPV uses very quality time-tested cryogenic valves, safety relief valves, regulators, Thermal Relief Valves, 3-way Diverter valve, Level & Pressure gauge.
  • Painting & Aesthetics: Steel grit blasting to SA 2 ½ followed by a 3-coat painting process Provides resistance to corrosion, oxidation, and better aesthetics for long-term.
  • Flexibility: Customers can choose between perlite & super insulation or 4-Leg & 3-Leg design.
  • PESO Approval & Site Work: VSPV is well equipped for site civil foundation work, erection & commissioning, and support for PESO approval & licensing.


VSPV is well equipped for the execution of turnkey projects of LNG re-gasification, CNG/LNG Fuelling station etc., which includes

  • LNG Cryogenic Tank – Design and manufacturing
  • LNG Vaporizer – Design and manufacturing
  • LNG Transfer Pump on Skid – Design, manufacturing, and assembly
  • Pressure Reduction Skid – Design, manufacturing, and assembly
  • PLC with Scada
  • LNG/CNG Dispenser
  • Cascade System
  • Priority Panel
  • Civil excavation and foundation work
  • LNG Tanks and equipment erection and commissioning at site
  • PESO approval and Licenses