Atmospheric vaporizer

Atmospheric vaporizer

VSPV designs & manufactures superior quality Atmospheric vaporizers for converting very low temperature cryogenic liquids like LIN, LOX, LAR, LN2O, LCO2 and LNG into respective gases. This is achieved by heat transfer between the tempered aluminium star finned tubes, through which cryogenic liquid flows, and atmospheric air.

VSPV atmospheric vaporizers are safe, efficient, easy to handle, and provides the rated flow rate, and temperature of outlet gas at the battery limit within the rated time period (duty cycle).

VSPV Vaporizer size varies from 50 Nm3/Hr to 50,000 Nm3/Hr with options of low-pressure and high-pressure model option.

VSPV atmospheric vaporizers are designed as per ASME Section – VIII, Division 1, and meets international codes like UBC or ASCE 7 – 10, any seismic zone and wind speed up to 240 Km/Hr. 

VSPV vaporizers for LNG are approved for manufacturing by Govt. of India statutory agency PESO

Main Features: 

  • Strong Design: Manufactured with high strength square section welded base frame, mechanically crimped & tack welded spacer supports between aluminium extruded fin tubes, and bottom & top frame supports gives better structural strength, stability during operation, handling and transportation. 
  • Superior Heat Transfer: Better design with star shaped aluminium extruded fin-tubes with 4-fins, 8-fins and 12-fins allows more surface area in contact with atmospheric air leading to better heat transfer
  • More Air Flow: Efficiently designed distance between fin-tubes allows more space for atmospheric air to flow easily between the fin-tubes and facilitates better defrosting, in case it is required.
  • Oxygen Compatible Cleaning: All parts are cleaned through a series of processes like pickling, passivation and degreasing followed by stringent quality checks with an ultraviolet (UV) lamp, which ensures superior clean environment for Oxygen storage. This enables VSPV vaporizers suitable for medical and industrial uses.
  • LNG Vaporizer: VSPV vaporizers for LNG application are manufactured with SS liners inside aluminium fin-tubes as per govt. of India PESO regulations. 
  • Quality Material: High grade tempered aluminium fin-tube material provides better strength, better heat transfer, better corrosion resistance, leading to hassle free long life.
  • Customization: VSPV vaporizers can be customized to meet customer’s needs for various flow rate, outlet gas temperature, duty cycle, matching any existing foundation or to suit space constraints at site.