Road Tanker

Road Tanker

VSPV designs & manufactures superior quality Cryogenic liquid rigid and semi-trailer transport road tankers for LIN, LOX, LAR, LCO2, LN2O and LNG. 

VSPV cryogenic road tankers are multi-layer super insulated with high vacuum in annular space.

VSPV cryogenic road tankers are safe, efficient, stable while running on the road.

VSPV cryogenic road tankers are designed as per EN/ASME codes for optimum payload for each liquid use.

VSPV cryogenic road tankers size ranges from 4,500 Litres to 36,000 Litres.

VSPV provides supports for approvals & licensing from the Govt. of India statutory agency PESO

Main Features: 

  • Tough Design: Manufactured with corrosion resistant stainless-steel (SS) plate, stainless steel (SS) seamless pipe, high quality valves, gauges, and instruments.
  • SS Seamless Pipes and Tubes: VSPV uses only corrosion resistant stainless-steel pipes and tubes for inner tank piping and external piping to have a better aesthetics, long corrosion free, leak free and maintenance free life.
  • Oxygen Compatible Cleaning: Stainless steel inner tank, internal pipes, external pipes, and fittings are cleaned through a series of processes like pickling, passivation and degreasing followed by stringent quality checks with an ultraviolet (UV) lamp, which ensures superior clean environment for Oxygen storage.
  • Testing: Tanks undergo through a series of Non-Destructive Examinations (NDE) including helium leak test to ensure robustness, long vacuum retention, leak proof and maintenance free life.
  • Vacuum Guarantee: Stringent helium leak test, followed by Vacuuming with latest good quality vacuum pumps provides a long vacuum retention period.
  • Quality Components: VSPV uses very quality time-tested cryogenic valves, safety relief valves, regulator, Thermal Relief Valves, 3-way Divertor valve, Level & Pressure gauge.
  • Painting & Aesthetics: Steel grit blasting to SA 2 ½ followed by a 3-coat painting process Provides resistance to corrosion, oxidation, and better aesthetics for long-term.
  • Customization: VSPV road tankers can be customized to meet customer’s needs for various capacity, pressure, and chassis/vehicle model or any other technical specifications.
  • PESO Approval & Site Work: VSPV can support for PESO approval & licensing activities.